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Destined Male Mentoring

“Mentoring creates a relationship between caring adults and youth. A mentor provides support and

guidance for a child or youth in his or her personal, academic, and other areas of life… mentoring is a

positive youth intervention that reduces risky and negative behaviors”

Destined Male Mentoring (DMM) believes that high-quality, enduring relationships can lead to a range of positive outcomes for the young people involved in our mentoring program. DMM is a mentoring program to help young males build resiliency skills and navigate through making effective decisions in life.

Students engage in a variety of interactive sessions (weekly) that help them:


•  Become wiser about choices they make

•  Smarter about who they surround themselves with

•  Be more aware about who they are as a person

•  Learn effective communication and problem-solving     skills

•  Develop and achieve goals and aspirations.

Topics include instruction and discussion pertaining to teen dating, conducting themselves as respectful young men at home, their community, and at school, how their education impacts their future, how history helps shape their story and more.

Students also participate in quarterly field trips to enhance and reinforce the lessons that are taught through their sessions. Their field trips consist of a combination of educational and extracurricular opportunities to learn, grow, become inspired, and develop connectedness with their peers and their mentors. For example, mentees are taken to Washington, D.C. to explore our Nation’s Capital and experience museums that document our history and help shape our culture. In addition, mentees are provided the opportunity to go on college tours with their mentors in an effort to show them the possibilities of their future by providing them with college access and career exploration.


DMM mentees are introduced to mentors who have life experiences that they can relate to, as well as, those who are currently in a profession or position to educate them on the possibilities of their future. Mentors are charged with encouraging mentees to become positive leaders

amongst their peers, family, and the community.

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